Meditation Techer.

“It is my mission to empower women to make conscious choices when it comes to their health and healing, and to love themselves fully in each step of their journey. As an energy healer and yoga therapist, I’ve worked with so many women who have been undergoing treatment for cancer and it would be a gift to continue to serve in this way for KAB. Whether it’s through these modalities or with my organic beauty products, my passion is to guide and serve as a source of light and inspiration!

What role prevention plays in my life: Every day, I wake up to a daily practice, or sadhana, where I set an intention for healing. From this intention, I move throughout my day making mindful choices on everything I am putting in my body, on my body, and how I’m treating myself and others around me, and the environment I surround myself in. Through this conscious act of self-care, I naturally support my health and vitality, and inspire all those around me to do the same. I know that when we are tuned in to how we are treating ourselves when we feel good, and learn what our body needs to sustain radiant health, rather than trying to love something for the first time that we have neglected - we radically improve our health. This way, we have the tools, resources and wisdom to heal in an accelerated timeframe when we do find ourselves in a place of discomfort, pain, or dis-ease.”