Mom. Designer. Triathlete. Founder of Betty Designs.

“I have a bit of a tough time sitting still. Even though I started my path down the triathlon road chasing guys around campus, I quickly realized that when I exercise everything else is better too. I find that I am able to better deal with the ups and downs life throws at you and I am much less anxious about the little (and big) things that come my way. For years I raced triathlon and had a regimented schedule. I am finding that now that I do not race, all of that regimentation is not necessary any more and brings its own degree of anxiety to my life. Fitness can be 100% fun. Currently my daily routine is a mix of running, surfing, cycling, SUP, skiing or whatever. The result of it that I am fitter, stronger, more youthful, and have a better family life and work life than I could ever imagine. I guess the short answer is that fitness = prevention = lifestyle = happiness.”