ADCC World Champion. Owner & Head Instructor of Gracie Barra Pasadena

“In today’s world sadly everyone knows someone who is directly dealing with Breast Cancer or has a loved one dealing with Breast Cancer or has even lost a loved one to Breast Cancer. When I was in high school my mother had a scare of a lump on her breast that eventually was cancerous but removed in time and has been clear ever since. Now being a father to a gorgeous little 2 year old baby girl knowing that she will have to deal with checking herself as she becomes a beautiful woman if there are things I can do now to help preventative research and or cure this cancer I will always gladly step up and join the fight. Doing my part to help make the world a better place is why I always love to team up with KAB.

Fitness is so important for everyone now a days because of all of the proven benefits it has. From managing weight to cardiovascular health to brain function to helping with depression which I suffer from myself. There are so many benefits to excercise yet there is such a lag of it today partly because of the technological speed of society.

After being an athlete my whole life and graduating college on a football scholarship fitness and excercise ended for me. I ballooned up to 375lbs and became depressed and started using drugs to deal. After years of near death Getting my self back in an excercise routine eventually led me to martial arts to what today I thank for saving my life. I owe my life to making that change and getting myself working out exercising and living healthy.

That’s why exercise is to me the most important thing a human can do for their body and soul !!!”