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We’ve partnered with our friends Kjersti & Chanelle from PRSNT to provide you a special Fit 4 Prevention Meditation!  Kjersti and Chanelle are professional snowboarders with a passion for wellness and mindfulness. We offer you to use this meditation in your Fit 4 Prevention classes.

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 When we open up time in our day and allow for the physical, mental and spiritual to develop, strengthen and come together in alignment, we establish a greater awareness and connection to our “inner" body.  We can use movement and breath to help move energy that is stuck in the body and that may be causing disease, pain, sickness. By tapping into the now, to the PRSNT state of mind, we can all access the real magic of life and be the best versions of ourselves.


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“What has helped me a lot in creating a positive habit of daily meditation, is to set up a simple space that IS always “ready” for me. I schedule my meditations to early morning before breakfast and evening before dinner and find that just by preparing a simple space and creating an atmosphere that I am attracted to, I follow through with my goals easier. It is nothing fancy, just a comfortable pillow or my yoga mat, (and maybe a crystal to make it extra cozy as I travel a lot and hotel rooms can be quite uninspiring). These 20 minutes in the morning and evening where I allow myself to just BE, has become my daily, sacred gift to myself. Something pleasurable that has had a profound effect on my life, my relationships, my performance in sports and my health”

- Kjersti Buaas

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Thank you so much Kjersti & Chanelle, and PRSNT!

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